Guidelines for article submissions

  1. Authors submitting articles to the editorial office of “ Rodnoy Yazyk ” should follow the publication rules. See Publication ethics.

  2. The recommended length of the article is from to 6 to 12 typed pages. Articles that are shorter or longer will also be accepted for review by the editorial committee.

  3. Article manuscripts should be sent to the editorial committee in two format, .doc/.docx and .pdf, with all non-standard fonts used in the article embedded in the file.

  4. The article should be submitted with the following structure:
       - Article title
       - Author’s last name and Initials
       - Abstract and key words in both English and Russian
       - Main text of the article
       - List of references
       - list of abbreviations and/or glosses used, or other appendices
       - Some brief information about the author

    Book reviews and descriptions of recent scholarly events do not need an abstract or key words. Information about the author includes the full first and last name, e-mail address, and institutional affiliation.

  5. Bibliographic references within the article should be enclosed within square brackets. The author’s last name comes first, followed by the year of publication, and if necessary, colon and page numbers. For example, [Johnson 1989] or [Johnson 1989: 23]. If there is a direct citation, the page number of the source should be included. In cases where the author’s last name is part of the grammatical structure of the sentence and is immediately followed by the reference, only the year of publication and page numbers should be enclosed in the square brackets. For example, “as has been demonstrated by Johnson [1989: 23] …”. References to multiple publications should be separated by semicolons. For example, [Chomsky and Halle 1968; Johnson 1989; Johnson 2001].

  6. Notes to the text should be given as footnotes, not endnotes, with footnotes numbered successively. Authors are discouraged from giving bare bibliographic references in footnotes without any accompanying explanatory text.

  7. Quotation marks: in English articles, the main quote marks should be “…”, while second level quote marks should be «…»; in Russian articles the main quote marks should be «…», while second level quote marks should be “…”

  8. In the list of references, the author’s last name should be italicized. Successive parts of the reference should be separated by periods, except the year of publication, which should be separated from the place of publication with a comma. The name of the publisher should not be given. Journal titles and titles of volumes in which the cited article is found should be separated from the article title by // .

  9. Linguistic examples in languages that are usually written in a non-Roman and non-Cyrillic script (e.g., Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Georgian, etc.) should be transliterated or transcribed. If the example is not from a major European language, it should be accompanied by both a translation and a morphemic gloss. The recommended glossing system is the Leipzig Glossing Rules.