Editorial Board

  • T.B. Agranat (editor-in-chief)
  • A.N. Bitkeeva
  • K.T. Gadilia
  • M.Sh. Khalilov
  • T.A. Maisak
  • O.A. Mudrak
  • Yu.V. Psyanchin
  • E.L. Rudnitskaya
  • V.Yu. Voinov
  • S.M. Yaroshevich (editorial secretary)

Editorial Council

  • V.M. Alpatov
  • M. Beerle-Moor
  • A.V. Dybo
  • F.G. Khisamitdinova
  • M.I. Magomedov
  • K.M. Musaev
  • D.M. Nasilov
  • G.Ts. Pyurbeev
  • M.Z. Ulakov

Rodnoy Yazyk, 2017

Rodnoy Yazyk (“Mother Tongue”) journal was founded in Moscow in 2012. Its subject matter focuses on the linguistic structure and function of languages spoken in Russia and its neighbouring post-Soviet countries, including sociolinguistics, language policy, language contact, ethnolinguistics, grammatical analysis, lexicology and lexicography, language education, linguistic aspects of Bible translation, and the role of Bible translation in language maintenance and development work.

The journal is published jointly by the Institute of Linguistics at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Bible Translation, reflecting the long-term partnership and shared interests of these two organizations, and also the close relationship between Bible translation and linguistic research in general.

Rodnoy Yazyk solicits original articles in Russian or English (see Guidelines for Authors). Publishing an article in our journal is free for authors. All submitted papers undergo scholarly review to determine whether the article can be accepted for publication. Besides linguistic articles, the journal also publishes book reviews and reports on recent scholarly events in the world of linguistics.

The journal is indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ). Full-text PDFs of published articles are available on the journal’s website, as well as on the journal’s webpage in the Russian National Electronic Library.

ISSN 2313-5816