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Mikhail Egorovich Alekseev

On May 23rd, 2014, at the age of 65 has passed away Mikhail Yegorovich Alekseyev, the founder of the journal "Rodnoy yazyk", extraordinary Russian linguist, specialist on Caucasus, on typology and historical-comparativistic grammar of East Caucasian languages.

Memories of the Rodnoy Yazyk journal in 1994

T.B. AgranatK.T. GadiliaT.A. MaysakD.M. Nasilov


Legacy papers

Noun phrases in Shugni

Alekseyev M. E.

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Основным материалом для работы послужили записки, сделанные во время экспедиции кафедры структурной и прикладной лингвистики филологического факультета МГУ в Горно-Бадахшанскую автономную область летом 1969 г. В статье принята транскрипция И. И. Зарубина (см. И. И. Зарубин, Шугнанские тексты и словарь, М.—Л., 1960). Статья напечатана в журнале «Народы Азии и Африки» (1973, No6, с. 131–136) и приводится с сохранением оформления.

Keywords: Shughni language, Pamir languages, Iranian languages, collocation, syntax

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

A glimpse into the history of Shugni syntax (comments to M.E. Alekseyev’s article on “Noun phrases in Shugni”)

Edelman E. D.

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This article focuses on certain types of noun phrases (syntagms) in the Shughni language that provide information on the history of syntax in the Iranian languages.

Keywords: noun phrase structure, language history, syntax, Shughni language, Burushaski language, Iranian languages

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

The Shugni term for playing on a tambourine

Dodykhudoyeva L. R.

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The present article is devoted to a particular type of Shughni noun phrase in which syntactic relations are expressed by means of positional contiguity. Shughni likewise exhibits syntactic relations marked by the izafat construction, which was borrowed from the Tajik language. The article also gives an overview of the particular features of local varieties of the frame drum (daf) in the Western Pamir Mts., and this drum's role in indigenous culture. Melodic patterns of performance in Badakhshan (Tajikistan and Afghanistan) are likewise discussed. The article includes a glossed Shughni text with a Russian translation, recorded in an interview with Professor Shodikhon P. Yusufbekov, an expert on Pamiri Studies.

Keywords: noun phrases, compound words, Shughni, Tajik, percussive musical instruments, daf frame drum

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

Language contact

Phonetic and semantic Caucasian language influence on Ossetic

Mudrak O. A.

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The present article provides a first look at the regular phonetic correspondences found in the Ossetic adaptations of numerous Caucasian loanwords. These correspondences hold true over a large corpus of borrowings, first and foremost from the proto‐Dargi language. Analyzing these borrowings in Ossetic (both the Iron and Digor data) allows us to map the historical migration patterns of the ancestors of the Ossetic people through the Caucasus area. The article also examines in detail borrowings found in the semantic domain of words having to do with plants.

Keywords: historical linguistics, etymology, Caucasian languages, borrowing, phonetic correspondence, semantic domains, Ossetic language, Dargi language, Nakh languages, North Caucasian languages

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

Linguistic aspects of Bible translation

Syntactic restructuring in Bible translation

Desnitsky A. S.

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This article offers several examples of syntactic transformations that occur in Bible translations into Russian and several Turkic languages. Such transformations are necessary due to the differences between syntactic structures in different languages, and also due to the existence of multiple possible meanings for a single construction. The examples presented in the article are taken from translation projects of the Institute for Bible Translation and deal primarily with the choice of grammatical forms, participant reference, and negation.

Keywords: Bible translation, syntax, restructuring, participant reference, negation

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

Language sketches

The dialects of the Komi language

Kuznetsova A. I.

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This article reviews the subdialects of the three Komi dialects. The discussion includes dialect studies, where speakers live, the literary language, language contacts.

Keywords: Komi dialects, sociolinguistics, language contact

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014


A. Rostovtsev-Poppel

Review of A Mingrelian-Russian Dictionary by G.A. Klimov, O.M. Kadzhina, K.T. Gadilia, 2013

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

Recent events

Andreyeva I. V.Agranat T. B.

International conference on “Language ecology: Issues in the historical and contemporary endangerment of languages and cultures”

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

Salamanova A.Seminogina E.Sheyko D.

International conference on “Linguistic ecology: The problem of vanishing languages and cultures in history and the present day”"

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

Maysak T. A.

Open session of the Department of Caucasian languages (Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences) on “M.E. Alekseev and the perspectives of Dagestanian linguistics”

Rodnoy Yazyk, №1(2) 2014

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