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M.E. Alekseyev
Noun phrases in Shugni

Основным материалом для работы послужили записки, сделанные во время экспедиции кафедры структурной и прикладной лингвистики филологического факультета МГУ в Горно-Бадахшанскую автономную область летом 1969 г. В статье принята транскрипция И. И. Зарубина (см. И. И. Зарубин, Шугнанские тексты и словарь, М.—Л., 1960). Статья напечатана в журнале «Народы Азии и Африки» (1973, No6, с. 131–136) и приводится с сохранением оформления.

Keywords: Shughni language, Pamir languages, Iranian languages, collocation, syntax

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D. I. Edelman
A glimpse into the history of Shugni syntax (comments to M.E. Alekseyev’s article on “Noun phrases in Shugni”)

This article focuses on certain types of noun phrases (syntagms) in the Shughni language that provide information on the history of syntax in the Iranian languages.

Keywords: noun phrase structure, language history, syntax, Shughni language, Burushaski language, Iranian languages

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L.R. Dodykhudoyeva
The Shugni term for playing on a tambourine

The present article is devoted to a particular type of Shughni noun phrase in which syntactic relations are expressed by means of positional contiguity. Shughni likewise exhibits syntactic relations marked by the izafat construction, which was borrowed from the Tajik language. The article also gives an overview of the particular features of local varieties of the frame drum (daf) in the Western Pamir Mts., and this drum's role in indigenous culture. Melodic patterns of performance in Badakhshan (Tajikistan and Afghanistan) are likewise discussed. The article includes a glossed Shughni text with a Russian translation, recorded in an interview with Professor Shodikhon P. Yusufbekov, an expert on Pamiri Studies.

Keywords: noun phrases, compound words, Shughni, Tajik, percussive musical instruments, daf frame drum

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