Grammatical analysis

S. Yaroshevich
Class markers as categorial heads in Tabasaran

This article examines the categorial status of class markers in Tabasaran noun phrases. An analysis of constructions in which class markers attach to participial verbal forms demonstrates that the class markers are attached not to separate lexemes but to entire phrasal constituents. These constituents appear to contain phonetically unpronounced units that function as a predicate in this construction. However, it is not fully logical to consider these to be substantivized constructions. The article suggests that this phenomenon is best analyzed using the framework of Distributive Morphology. According to this approach, the categorial heads n and v, which determine nominal and verbal qualities of constituents, can appear at different levels of sentence structure, depending on the specific language.

Keywords: class markers, Tabasaran language, topicalization, reflexive pronouns

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