S. Aguzarova
Этнокультурная специфика концептуализации окружающего мира носителями осетинского языка (на основе анализа концепта хъысмæт ‘судьба’)

This article examines the concept of хъысмæт ‘fate’ in the Ossetic language in light of the culturally-determined worldview held by Ossetians. Components of this concept are analyzed based on their occurrence in Ossetic literature.

Key words: concept, fate, fortune, destiny, God

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M. Darchieva
Лексические единицы, обозначающие атрибуты осетинского поминального обряда зазхæссæн

This interdisciplinary paper analyzes the language elements used in an Ossetic ritual text having to do with funerary/memorial rites known as зазхæссæн.

Key words: ritual text, symbolism, ritual/sacred tree, Ossetic funerary and memorial rites, gender differences

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F. Abayeva
Термины института приданого в обрядовом свадебном тексте осетин

This article deals with the terminology used in Ossetian wedding rituals, including their semantics and symbolism. The discussion includes linguistic and cultural characteristics of objects used for dowries, and the functions of other lexical items dealing with weddings. These are highlighted in the article in bold.

Key words: Ossetian wedding ceremony, lexicon, Ossetic ritual texts and oral genres

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Y. Besolova
О некоторых микроконцептах в осетинских паремиях

This article investigates Ossetic folk sayings that allegorically represent human qualities via descriptions of animals, birds, and insects that are believed to be the prototypical bearers of these positive or negative qualities.

Key words: concepts, Ossetic folk sayings, animal names, bird names, insect names, culturally-determined worldview

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